U. S. Ostwal Paramedical Institute is affiliated with the Council of Paramedical Science of India which is registered under Act from Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Government of India. With the aim for promoting of Vocational Skill, Healthcare and to impart Education. Training and Conducting Research in the field of Paramedical Technology

The Students who join the U. S. Ostwal Paramedical Institute which is affiliated to the Council of Paramedical Science of India will be highly benefited due to the IA0 Accreditation. As the students who get jobs in foreign countries, do not have to enrol for costly bridge courses. prior to joining.


 The USP of Joining U. S. Ostwal Paramedical Institute.

  • It is an ISO – 9001 : 2015 Certified.
  • It is Affiliated to the Council of Paramedical Science of India.
  • It is IAO Certified – This means that if the Students on completion of the Course wish to go abroad for Job Opportunities, there is NO REQUIREMENT of costly BRIDGE COURSE.
  • Spacious and Well – Ventilated Class-rooms.
  • Advanced Technology Digital Class – rooms.
  • Technological Advanced Laboratories with Sophisticated Equipment.
  • Digital Advanced Libraries with E-books and Comprehensive and Exhaustive Study Material.
  • Computer Laboratory – for Basic and Formatting of Paramedical Reports.
  • Cambridge English with Modules and Certification.
  • Highly Qualified Lecturers – Eminent Guest Lecturers and Experienced Professors from the Medical Profession.
  •  We provide Internship Training in Diagnostic Centres and Reputed Hospitals.
  • On completion of the Course we provide Campus Interviews.
  • Our Certification is eligible for Government and Private Job; Placements.
  • On completion of the Course, along with a Plethora of other additional Certification, it enables the students to have an upper edge in the Job Placements.
  • BLS – Basic Life Support (Certification) – First Aid and (CPR) Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.